About Us


our story

BUDGETG was established in 2015.
We believe that BUDGETG can bring convenience to your life. Because our full-category shopping service allows you to buy fashionable shoes and clothing in your life without leaving your home.

Our understanding of fashion is at the forefront of the industry. Every year, our designers create seasonal fashion items based on some global fashion trends that will make your eyes shine.

At the same time, we will also incorporate the most popular fashion items on various social platforms.
Therefore, our products can always remain fashionable and in line with everyone's life.

Earth Sustainability

We believe that companies also have a responsibility to society.

We think we are part of nature and we cannot escape our dependence on nature. So we have an obligation to protect it.

Protecting our communities, our people, and our planet has always been our top priority.

The sustainable transformation has already begun around the world.

We are always looking for ways to protect nature as a business. 

Now we are advocating for sustainable development.Our packaging uses degradable materials as much as possible, so as not to pollute the global environment.


We want to build our brand into a fashion community, in this community, people maintain a passion for fashion, and then through this passion to improve our lives, we want every customer to maintain a passion for life.

For the ecology of the planet, we are taking action to meet our commitments.

We are committed to building a sustainable future for our clients through what we do to our communities and have a constructive impact on the health of the planet.